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Ferintosh Preaching Dell

Services held here must have been quite a sight: ‘Two-thirds of those present were women, dressed mostly in large, high, wide, muslin caps, the back part standing up like the head of a paper kite, and ornamented with ribbons. They had wrapped round them bright coloured plaid shawls, the predominant hue being scarlet.’

The Disruption of 1843 saw the Free Church of Scotland break away from the established church following disquiet about the involvement of the state in church affairs.  These devout new congregations often had no churches in which to worship to begin with and opted to hold services in suitable open air settings such as woodland (at Spinningdale) or (as in Ferintosh) a natural hollow.  Even ‘cleared’ families desperate for shelter would not use a church they had abandoned (Croick).

The congregation of the local parish church at Ferintosh still occasionally hold services at the Preaching Dell.



Postcode for Satnav: IV7 8HX


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