Resilience Strategy for the Black Isle


There is an open invitation for anybody to have their say on how the Black Isle could become more resilient as we all react and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.  There is no better time than now to look to the future.

Jon Palmer, Chair of the Black Isle Partnership, has devised a survey/questionnaire for the purpose of soliciting ideas from as broad a range of residents of the Black Isle as possible.

In an introduction to the Survey, reflecting on the pandemic Jon has written in a longer article:

The long-term effects of the pandemic are only just beginning to be seen. The coming months, even years, are going to be tough. Many people are having to re-think how they make a living. The emotional strain of coping with change can take its toll. So, what are the lessons we’ve learnt so far? Where are the frailties that prevent people from leading a fulfilling life on the Black Isle? What schemes or projects can be put in place to shore up some of those weaknesses that have been exposed? We want to hear your ideas. And we want to pool as many of them as possible to create a route map for the future. One where the residents of the Black Isle can be ever more resilient to the challenges life throws at us.

The survey itself can be found at

Jon's full article is in the Black Isle Bulletin No 4.  




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