Local Place Plan for the Black Isle

The Back Isle Partnership has been funded by Highland Council to prepare a Place Plan for the Black Isle. This should provide a Black-Isle-wide vision for the future. It will build on existing surveys, and will consult communities on what their priorities are for the next 10 years. This could range from community ownership of our forests, building wind turbines and community transport to expanding small scale local organic food production and responding to a new world of work where quality of life could come before financial gain. The plan could emphasise how slow tourism could showcase the best of the Black Isle. The plan could focus on providing leisure facilities for young people, and creating jobs and affordable homes so they can make their futures here. These are ambitious aims, but the Place Plan will consult widely on them and lots of other ideas that emerge when individuals and organisations participate in the process. The objective is a hit-list of priority and workable projects and – critically – how they can be funded. Please keep an eye out for announcements on how you can start to be involved.
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